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Sicilian Orange Powder


Powdered Sicilian orange that is  used in most dishes, excellent with meat or fish main courses.

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Sicilian Orange Powder

Sicilian orange powder from the Scuderi family. An innovative product that can be applied universally to any type of food.

In fact, it is possible to apply orange powder to meat or fish dishes, or even to a pasta dish to “flavor” a simple meal.

Sicilian Orange Powder Packaging

The product is available in a single 40g format. Sicilian Lemon Powder is also available in the same format.

Sicilian Orange Type

The orange used for the production of the powder is the Sicilian Blonde Orange.

Oranges have numerous beneficial properties: they fight degenerative tumor forms through their numerous antioxidants and protect against bronchitis, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, gingivitis, obesity, migraines, headaches, rheumatism, gingivitis, and stomatitis. They have anti-tumor powers: daily consumption allows us to add a natural defense to our health.

Orange Processing

After harvesting the fresh orange, it is cut and ready to be dried. Drying occurs through oven drying for several hours. The next phase is powdering, which is done through 1mm sieves.

Harvesting Area

The oranges used for the powder are harvested from the Francofonte citrus grove. A key point for orange harvesting, located 61 km from Syracuse and 48 km from Catania. The citrus groves find fertile ground thanks to the ideal climate, in fact, Francofonte has a typical Mediterranean climate:

the summer is very hot and long, even arriving in November; the winter is often rainy, with temperatures that rarely drop below 5 °C.

Gastronomic Pairings

As mentioned earlier, there is no single application of Sicilian orange powder, which is why this powder can be paired with any culinary context. It is excellent for use in fish or meat dishes, perfect for giving a fresher and typical aroma to any dish.

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