Sicily to You

Who we are

Sicily-to-you is a newborn green-oriented company, thoughtful of the environment and the ecosystem.

Our goods follow the highest quality standard. Strict controls guarantee products’ extreme quality, and they are cultivated with love right in the Sicilian territory.

Sicily-to-you’s purpose is to enhance local farmers and producers and encourage a short supply chain. Coming from a ten-year background in organic markets and Km0, we aim to eliminate products’ industrialization and help the environment.

Our mission is to spread the Sicilian spirit, tastes, and traditions worldwide, bringing new and ancient flavours to the tables.

Thanks to a careful selection of products, Sicily-to-you guarantees quality and excellence.

Eating well means changing yourself and the planet. Thanks to our farmers and producers, you will savour the authentic and genuine tastes, rediscovering the Sicilian scents and flavours with just one click.

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(+39) 327 840 6720 è un marchio di Terre dell’Etna S.R.L.S. Copyright © 2021. All Rights Reserved. P.Iva: 05808660871


Via Roma 45/A, San Gregorio – 95027 – CT


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